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Perhaps I've been asleep for the past decade, but when did the grammar and spelling in this country plummet?

Brake= anything that has a slowing/stopping effect

Break= to destroy or interrupt

The improper use is killing me. That's right, I am dying from the misuse. Are there really that many stupid people?

Please don't mention "they're" "their" "there".... I cannot handle it.

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Back to the top for a great comic.

Is it Brake dancing because the dance is slowed at times

or Break dancing because the dance is broken at times
this is one of my favorite xkcd comics, and i'm sure you grammar nerds will like it too.

Good one Lauren. I actually started doing that for like a week after I read that comic.

One of the misspellings that seriously irritates me the most is "tomarrow". I mean come on, we learned how to spell TOMORROW in grade school.
From a verbal standpoint, one of my big annoyances is the Chicago way of starting your sentences with "he sez, she sez, I sez".

He sez, hey whatcha doing? So I sez, nuttin'. Then he sez, ok. So I sez, ok.
Korvas Black said:
Her defense was, essentially, that my insistence that word usage be in some way related to word meaning was artistically stifling to her, and how dare I.

LOL What is she - a writer of Mad Libs that are grammatically incorrect?
This reference to a "walking gate" confused me at first. Why does it matter whether you're at a gate?
Oh gods, yes. Thank you for bringing this to the fore.
Which is why those signs that say "No Peddling" are not, in fact, funny.

Alan Lloyd said:
And don't forget the "peddles" or "petals" to make the bike go


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