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Perhaps I've been asleep for the past decade, but when did the grammar and spelling in this country plummet?

Brake= anything that has a slowing/stopping effect

Break= to destroy or interrupt

The improper use is killing me. That's right, I am dying from the misuse. Are there really that many stupid people?

Please don't mention "they're" "their" "there".... I cannot handle it.

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Well, last Summer, I watched a dude on a fixie with no BRAKE, BREAK his face on the side of a car....

Clearly, he needed a grammar lesson....and possibly some brain surgery.
This, though not exactly grammar or spelling orientated, remains one of my favorite resources. Toe the lion!
effect vs. affect is one of my hot buttons that really affects me with negative profound effects ...

4 reel.

anyone remember leetspeak ? (L88tspk?)

notoriousDUG said:
OMG! Your so right, it is annoying!
Anne Alt said:
I suspected I wasn't the only one frustrated with the loss of basic spelling and grammar skills in our culture. The really sad thing is that newspapers used to catch this sort of thing through proofreading. In recent years, I'm seeing many errors like this in print that would have been caught before going to press. Did they fire all the proofreaders?
Actually, they did. There's hardly any money in the newspaper/magazine/publishing industry to pay for good reporters, much less proofreaders and copyeditors, and it shows.
Many of you may enjoy this.
Love, love, love that.

notoriousDUG said:
Many of you may enjoy this.
I hate to be "that guy" but the person listed all those tips, and then incorrectly used an ampersand instead of the word "and" at the bottom!

notoriousDUG said:
Many of you may enjoy this.
Dammit! Nice catch :)

Korvas Black said:
I too hate to be "that guy", but you misplaced a comma yourself, Vando. ;)
And don't forget the "peddles" or "petals" to make the bike go, as opposed to "breaks" that make it stop (abruptly).
also, why don't people want to be sub-par? that's what they strive for in golf.

Vando said:
I hate when people say "I could care less" when they mean the opposite.

I was wondering if somehow we'd get this far into the thread without 'petals' or 'peddles' coming up. Thanks Alan!

Alan Lloyd said:
And don't forget the "peddles" or "petals" to make the bike go, as opposed to "breaks" that make it stop (abruptly).


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