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Or should I say, another folding helmet, on a similar to Kickstarter site, here.

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kiltedcelt said:

Looks like a solution searching for a problem.

Can you say "Iron Man"???


I even can say "Straw Man." And?

Matt M. said:

Can you say "Iron Man"???


Italy's Carrera has just come out with a foldable/collapsible as well.  It consists of a series of plastic ribs that expand and contract width-wise along elastic bands. 

Like the Pango/Biologic/Dahon, it passes European helmet standards, but not the more stringent US CPSC standards, so will likely not be sold here anytime soon:

I still think the future for folding/collapsibles is in inflatables, not rigid plastic that folds (and collapses during impact).  And if I ever design an inflatable helmet, I'm definitely calling it "The Airhead."



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