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This topic came up in another discussion about broken spokes and didn't want to hijack the thread. The issue is the giant lip on both sides of the hump just south of Navy Pier. This has been an issue for myself as well as others whom I have seen slow down and carefully bunny hop. I have had broken spokes and wheels that needed truing more so from this spot than anything else on the LFP. Who would be the best to contact about possibly patching this to ease the wear and tear on my wheels?



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Does anybody have a picture of this?  I ride in that area but havent come across this ... [I dont think?]
I hit this almost every day. It sucks, I'll take a picture later today if I have time.

I'm sure the "hump" is the bridge just before the yacht club after you go over the river going south.  I found this picture online, or look here to see it in context, although you can't really see the lip in these pictures.


The lip is a bit worse going north, but it also comes just before the bridge over the river, where cyclists need to really, really, really slow down.  Some sort of traffic-calming device would be useful there, but having a really bad spoke-breaking bump in the road with no warning isn't the best idea.  





chixieonfixie said:

Does anybody have a picture of this?  I ride in that area but havent come across this ... [I dont think?]
That's the one. Like you said, its dramatically worse coming the other way than shown in the picture.
I always lift my front wheel at the base of the bridge coming from either direction.  There was some additional repaving done shortly after the bridge was installed to even out the slope of the path, but I think the "lip" gap has gotten worse with time.
IT'S FIXED!! I'm not sure if anyone responsible for fixing this reads this forum. If so my wheels and I are very pleased. This is the one spot on the path that I truly dreaded.
I was very happy to see it fixed this morning as well.  Nothing like waiting until about the end of summer to do something about it...



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