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For Those who would like to Play in the Snow

or get out in the elements 


FatTrack Team SnowBike Enduro



Saturday, January 15 · 12:00pm - 3:00pm


Kettle Moraine South - Muir Tral-Head

Get there about an hour or two early if you would like to participate 


more info-


wisconsin state park trails pass and parking pass will be needed

passes available at park bring cash or check for fee.

event though is free


Daily Parking is $10.00 One Year Annual is $35.00

Daily Trail Pass is $4.00 One Year Annual is $20.00


Annuals is good for the 2011 year and good at all Wisconsin State Parks


All money goes into Park unlike in Illinois

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This looks like an awesome time, my mountain bike is in a million pieces.

Did not want this thread to get buried. Have fun out there my friend!!!

Buried in Snow?



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