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Hey Everyone, this is the group that I trained with for the North Shore and Apple Cider Centuries. If you're like me, you're coming off of a very active summer and are worrying about losing your fitness level over the fall and winter.

Well, after much begging, CES has announced that they will be starting a fall clinic. All the details aren't worked out, and it's not open for registration quite yet. But I wanted to let everyone know and give you the little information I have...

"The program would go through November and have moderate (15-17 mph ride speed), small chainring group rides with on the bike coaching and several clinics (technique, flats, clothing, etc.) intersperced. The goal is to maintain the aerobic fitness you have gained while training for the North Shore Century until it is to cold/messy too ride outdoors. I am hoping to start in the 1st or 2nd weekend in October." Coach Jordan

CES is trying to gauge interest level, so comment if you think you'd possibly be interested!


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When does it get "too cold/messy too ride outdoors"?!
According to Jordan, after November. At that point they switch to indoor clinics...

heather stratton said:
When does it get "too cold/messy too ride outdoors"?!
Here are the details!

$49 for 8 weeks CES Alumni
$59 for 8 weeks everyone else

Century Cycling season is pretty much over — Triathlon season is pretty much over. Even marathon season is almost done. But we're not ready to pack it in yet! Resist the siren's call of your basement and enjoy Fall, Chicago's finest riding weather.

Coach Jordan will lead this new group on some great rides, with "on the bike" coaching and several skill & educational clinics that will help you improve as a rider and feel more confident with maintenance and other "must know" stuff.

Flat Tire Repair
Cold Weather clothing selection
Wet weather bike handling
Basic bike maintenance

Have fun, meet great people, and stay in shape in a non-intimidating way! You'll also discover new riding routes in Chicago and surrounding areas. (Program runs from Sunday, October 11 through November 29 — weather permitting)

Registration is now open
I'm signed up! Let's get some Chainlink representation here people. I will need help getting out of bed Sunday mornings for the next 8 weeks.



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