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F/S Xtracycle FreeRadical with P-racks, wide loaders, flight deck, and extras $300

The title says it all. Convert any bike to a longtail cargo bike. Everything you need to get started hauling cargo or kids. Just supply your own bags (will take any type of panniers), or add a child seat or two. Carry your dog, give drunk friends a ride, whatever. I decided to part my cargo bike out rather than try to sell it as a whole unit. See the full ad and more photos on C-list here:

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I already have one, so don't need it. If someone would like to test ride one, give me a shout.

The caster setup for storage is very clever. I might have to give that a whirl. (We're still trying to figure out how to arrange things in the garage at our new place so we can fit the car in.)

Also, it's worth mentioning if it's for 26" or 700c wheels. They are definitely not one size fits all.

I'd like to install that on our tandem :)


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