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SOLD- Schwinn Racer 2 Speed Kick Back - Black - MED - $120


I'm selling my medium size, Schwinn Racer with a Bendix 2-speed (yellow band) kickback and coaster brake. There is visible surface rust on the frame and rims but overall looks great for its age. Bike works great...could use some love. I'm pretty sure its all original.

Moving and need to get rid of some bikes. Located in Bridgeport.


Text/Call - 312-Four Zero ONE - 0481

or email futuretinrobots (at) gmail (DOT COM)



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Sweet bike, and It does look all original.  How is it a 2 speed I don't see a shifter 

Its all in the rear hub. You kick the pedals back and it shift to the other gear...hence the name kick back 2 speed. Its awesome. It has a coaster brake so you don't need any cables to brake or shift gears.

Kickback 2-Speed Hubs rule!

If your even remotely interested in that, this is perfect.

You could port the wheel alone to another 26" compatible ride.

Make sure you get the classic S-6 Tires, these are your not your typical 26" rims.

cool! Interesting that Schwinn put the word "Automatic" on the coaster brake arm marketing text.

The kickback 2 speeds are not actually automatic, as the name implies and Robot Gabe tells us, the rider has to pedal backward a bit to get it to shift. As a person who rides a 2 speed which actually IS automatic (SRAM Automatix), I can tell you that I love the simplicity of not fussing with a shifter, and two speeds are plenty for Chicago, but I'd much rather be able to control when the shifting happens (or more importantly, when I do  not want it to happen)!

Bump da bump...and lowering the price to $100.

Craigslist post here:


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