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So what is it that makes you stare a bit too long while riding?

It could be bike porn, a cute blond, a car, cool architecture...

Mine is easy - Dogs. Puppies are the worst, I have almost crashed a couple of times over those cute 4 legged furry creatures.

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The blonde who rides that dutch bike around the near north side of the city.
girls, especially on bikes.

also, dogs.
About 20 years ago, I was riding in Barrington Hills when I looked to my right and saw a woman working in her garden. Nothing strange in that, but she was buck nekkid. I rode into a ditch and then a tree. Since that time, I try not to get distracted. It hurts.
meat trucks and pastries.
my reaction is the same...gawk, salivate, steady the reigns.

(and English town bikes. oh thank heavens i haven't actually come across anyone on a Pashely Guv'nor or I'd be kissing the pavement somewhere.)
summers here and the miniskirts are out, i should be crashing any day now ;0 owe
Nice cars (tuned VWs, anything exotic, old sports cars), sweet exhaust notes, cuties, adorable pooches...
The cute dogs are out in full force this summer! Had a near miss eyeing a little black puppy yesterday on southport. Beware!
Pretty bikes. Interesting shop window displays. Garage sales. That one guy who walks around with a parrot on his shoulder down by Ravenswood/Addison.
Sweaty, dirty, tattooed boys on bikes.

Also, I once almost ran right into a dumpster while riding past a tattoo shop with a bunch of male customers outside smoking.

Oh, you sweaty, tattooed biker boys of Chicago - I am in love with you all. :)
Pretty much...

mine is simple : rear ends (females...not cars).

if it is in spandex or running shorts it gets a longer stare.
if the legs are long : extra long stare.
Oh...summer dresses are great too.
oooops - almost forgot: leather boots are nice too, and stockings.


Spencer "Thunderball" Thayer! said:
Pretty much...

Ha! It's Lorena...


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