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So yesterday I got stuck changing my tire in the snow and it made me wonder, what( if anything) does everybody carry with them when they bike in the city?

i have a small bag in my messenger that has:
patch kit,
pedro's tire levers
spare tube
spare valve caps
spare lock keys
hand pump
multi tool

second question. are all hand pumps made equal?

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I think all you might missing is a flask.
Yeah, I was going to say "bottle opener" at least!
i've got one on my keychain.( a bottle opener)

and theres always the cell phone/lighter trick
I've had two hand pumps, a crank brothers mini pump that was horrible for getting my tire pressure up to the 90-100 range and a topeak pump that works wonderfully. I much prefer the topeak since it has a little hose that connects the body of the pump to the valve and a little pressure gauge. And probably, most importantly it gets the tire inflated fairly quickly.
i have small bag in my messenger that has:
pedro's tire levers
patch kit
multi tool w/ hex wrenches and some screwdrivers
small leatherman w/ needlenose pliers & a few blades
some duct tape
a few band aids
extra batteries for lights
extra track nuts
surly jethro tule (wrench/bottle opener)
and floating around somewhere in my bag is an extra tube and a pump. I use the topeak road morph. I've never had a problem with changing a flat i a hurry with it. It has a telescoping air hose so there isn't as much pull on the valve stem when pumping. And it's light enough that I don't even notice I'm carrying it untill i need it.
My toothbrush

Just kidding :)

I usually keep a shop rag in there too.
"second question. are all hand pumps made equal? "


Did I mention 'No'?

I have a Blackburn Shorty which I kind of wish I'd left at Three Floyds on Saturday. It doesn't have a hose on it like the Topeak Morph pumps, so I managed to break the barrel on two Presta tubes on the ride. Thankfully the second one held pressure to get me to Flossmoor fine.

The second problem is a result of the first. With putting horizontal pumping power on your valve, you just can't get a lot of air in the tube. You also can't pump like mad without possibly breaking part of the valve.

A Morph pump is definitely on my 'tax refund list.'
I carry an inflator and CO2 tubes rather than a pump. That definitely saves me space, and has saved me a lot of time.
I have become a convert to CO2 inflation systems.
Most of my friends are to after seeing one used. They are not as cheap as a pump, and maybe not as environmentally friendly, but they fill a tire up to operating pressure in seconds. Just make sure you know how to use it. Have your LBS or a friend show you. The one Gabe modeled for us is the best one I know of on the market. Except for the "back-up pump" feature. We tried to inflate a 700x25c tire at the shop and gave up somewhere north of 300 pumps. You could do it, but you could eat soup with a fork too.
I also carry a multi tool with a chain tool, but if you are not familiar with how to use one, don't bother, and a leatherman. A bottle opener is a fixture on my keys, and while I don't have a flask, a cup holder on the bike is invaluable for any missions of the nocturnal type.
luckily I haven't had to use either the CO2 or backup pump...yet. Have to say I was really bummed you couldn't store the cartridge in the handle of the pump....misleading packaging. I've been warned against leaving the CO2 in the tire - hasn't been mentioned here yet so I'll throw it out - supposedly it will degrade the rubber in the tube or leak out real fast or something not good; so you're supposed to deflate your CO2 and pump it back the old fashioned way once your home.

As for the back-up pump pumping; were cyclists - a good upper body workout is important now and then. If you sing a song the time will pass faster. Or an entire album as the case may be.
I carry basically what the OP carries, plus:

Zip lock bags for storage of cell phone and wallet in the rain
cable ties
$20 bill (cab fare -- the ultimate roadside emergency tool)
presta adapter (for use with filling station air chucks)
wrench for axle nuts
spare blinkie


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