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On a whim, I stopped by tonight with my daughter - what a blast!

Do any other Chainlinkers race/spectate? They have a ton of events over the summer:

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First year racing out there. Really fun time. The madison last night is really something else if you've never seen one. Usually a $2 entry fee which is well worth it, since you have several national and world caliber athletes that race there regularly. 

Also, they have training clinics on Monday for $10 (you also need a USAC license or one day $15 license) that are extremely safe and well run. You don't need a bike if you just want to test the waters since they have some schwinns in various shapes and sizes to loan out at no charge during events. The loaners really aren't that bad and I got one up to about 37 mph in a flying start, according to my Garmin.

I saw a lot of "juniors" - are there any school teams or just club affiliations?
I believe they are all either club affiliations or unattached. I don't know of any high schools in the area with teams but I could be wrong.



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