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Dura-Ace ST-7900 10-speed SIS-Shimano Index System STI-Shimano Total Integration Shift/Brake Levers 547g
Dura-Ace BR-7900 Front/Rear Brake Calipers Shimano Linear Response 301g
Dura-Ace FD-7900 Front Derailleur 69g
Dura-Ace RD-7900 Rear Derailleur Short cage 167g
Dura-Ace FC-7950 34T/50T/170L 110 BCD Compact HollowTech II Crankset 657g
Dura-Ace CS-7900 10-speed Cassette 160g 11FeC-12-13-14-15-16-17Ti-19-21-23

All in "like new" condition in original boxes and packaging.


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What's the crank length? Thanks!

170mm:  Dura-Ace FC-7950 34T/50T/170L

D'oh, reading fail! Thanks! Checking my bike-stuff budget...




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