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Hi, does anyone have the know-how and tools to completely rebuild DT Swiss 240 hubs? My wheels have become very gritty and I do not have the bench vise and tools to take out the bearings and axles, to clean and relubricate them. Thanks a lot! I'll pay in six-pack lots of local brew - take your pick of Revolution, Half Acre, Two Brothers.

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I do not have that knowledge, but The Bike lane repacks rear hub bearings for $30- not a bad price.

DT Swiss has pdfs explaining the disassembly and reassembly online.  A light clamp on vise costs about $20 and the other tools shouldn't cost much more.  Also west town has a night where you can come in and use their tools.

Having just replaced the bearings on my wheels for the first time  2 weeks ago, I have to say that it's totally worth it to learn.  It's not all that hard so don't get intimidated.  


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