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Fill in the blanks. 

Drivers park on the bike lane because they don't care.

Drivers park on the bike lane because they're not educated.

Drivers park on the bike lane because ___________.

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I think you covered all the reasons with a broad brush right there. In other words, ignorance or solipsism.

Had to look up what solipsism means. I thought it was a skin condition.

"the view or theory that the self is all that can be known to exist"

Didn't know that. I thought solipsism had something to do with eating slurpees and making a mess of it on your shirt.

because they think "Man, I sure do hate these bicycles because they are toys populated with happy grownups and I am miserable."

Spot on!!

because what goes through most peoples heads is: me me me me me me me me me and my convenience. 

^^^^^^^^ This. 

Because they used to do the same thing, double-parking in the right car lane when there was no bike lane.  Some people view it as equivalent.

Riding lake street can be exceedingly annoying with either buses and CTA vehicle parked in the bike lane, or getting tailgated by a car beeping at me because I'm not moving out of their way.

Most have those pesky Oak Park street parking permits in their back window, not sure it's just an observation or possible solipsistic mindset of motorists from Oak Park.

They're lazy. It drives me nuts when a car is parked in the bike lane and there's an open space literally 20 feet ahead.
I wonder what would happen if, just for one day, cyclists left bikes parked in the traffic lanes. With flashing lights on, of course, because apparently that makes it okay.



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