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CHICAGO (STMW) – Two people are facing DUI charges after a traffic crash left a pedestrian dead Friday night in southwest suburban Joliet.

About 8:30 p.m., a Mazda sedan was pulling out from a parking lot at the southeast corner of Hickory Street and Western Avenue in Joliet when it struck a westbound Hyundai on Western, Joliet police Deputy Chief Edgar Gregory said.

The impact sent the vehicles to the northwest corner of the intersection, where Joliet resident Mark A. Cipolla was standing, according to Gregory and the Will County sheriff’s office.

Cipolla, 56, was pinned under the Hyundai, police said. Emergency crews extricated him and took him to Provena Saint Joseph Medical Center in Joliet, where he was pronounced dead at 9:19 p.m., authorities said.

Both drivers, 21-year-old Jefferson Davis of Minooka and Oscar A. Garduno Lopez, whose age was not immediately available, were both arrested for DUI, authorities said.

Davis was allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol and Garduno was driving under the influence of cannabis, Gregory said. Court information was not immediately available.

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As a pedestrian, even when you are standing waiting to cross a main street with fast moving traffic, for your own survival chances to be increased in reckless DUI driver situations like this, try to position yourself behind a solid barrier like a lamppost etc., and or be prepared to move quickly away and pray. . .

Rest in peace Mark A. Cipolla, 56.

peter, the fact that they will be able to legally drive for 45 more days is not the court systems fault. Rather it is the slow, disorganized IL Secretary Of State.

Nope. It's the Illinois Mandatory Summary Suspension Statute. The driver's license is suspended on the 46th day after the sworn report of the arresting officer is served on the Secretary of State and Circuit Court.

kevin, that mandatory suspension can be rescinded if you have the right lawyer. The Secretary Of State controls ones drivers license. It takes 45 days to suspend a license because they are extremely slow. The reverse is true also, in getting ones drivers license back. What about drunks on bikes? Maybe we should all have a license plate added to our bikes?



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