Hello All,

I'm admittedly new to the community, but Julie H. told me this group is amazingly diverse and very (hopefully) willing to offer their honest opinions on issues in the Cycling community.

Here's a little background. I'm a reporter from RedEye, and I'm looking into what seems to be a more controversial issue than most people thing: Actually wearing a helmet. I've heard from some great people on both sides, but in the interest of a balanced perspective, I would love to hear from some folks who choose NOT to wear a helmet. I've seen some people say it's a vanity/comfort issue, and others who question the effectiveness of the practice.

Whatever the case, I would be very interested to hear your opinions on the issue. I can be reached most quickly at mswasko@tribune.com. Also, if you have comments you'd like to post in the thread, I will be watching.

Thank you all very much for your help.


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Story is on the middle page of the redeye. I haven't read it yet but my roommate picked it up on her way to the metra,

Here's the link. Very nice, thorough and balanced article!



Saw this on Bikeyface this morning and it made me laugh:

Head: Protected

Lungs:  Meh...

This is in today's (i.e. June 21) RedEye?

yep!!!! That's my favorite bike dress. The pic is at just south of the zoo.

Noah Weiss said:

This is in today's (i.e. June 21) RedEye?

that's pretty funny!

James BlackHeron said:

Saw this on Bikeyface this morning and it made me laugh:

Head: Protected

Lungs:  Meh...

Nice photo Julie.  You look down right heroic:-)

nice bike, too.  :) 

read the article, pretty good non judgmental...

that is until the final quote. "[Not wearing a helmet] is self-righteous and ignorant"

I thought it was a good article overall.  I just can't stand when people talk about helmet laws to "help" or "protect" bicyclists.  That's a load of crap.  I've seen what such laws do for cyclists, and it ain't pretty.

We can decide for ourselves if we want to use helmets.  Personally, I think it's a good idea to wear the helmet. 

Wear your helmet- not your brains.


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