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Hello All,

I'm admittedly new to the community, but Julie H. told me this group is amazingly diverse and very (hopefully) willing to offer their honest opinions on issues in the Cycling community.

Here's a little background. I'm a reporter from RedEye, and I'm looking into what seems to be a more controversial issue than most people thing: Actually wearing a helmet. I've heard from some great people on both sides, but in the interest of a balanced perspective, I would love to hear from some folks who choose NOT to wear a helmet. I've seen some people say it's a vanity/comfort issue, and others who question the effectiveness of the practice.

Whatever the case, I would be very interested to hear your opinions on the issue. I can be reached most quickly at Also, if you have comments you'd like to post in the thread, I will be watching.

Thank you all very much for your help.


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OMG fixies have NO BRAKES!!!!!@@!!at!!AT-AT!!

I've been told it isn't classy to make fun of the words (mis)used by sub-literate people. -as fun as it can be to poke fun of people who are clearly deficient in their written language skills.

In my personal point of view how one communicates is a projection of the thought processes that are going on within their own minds.  

When reading the virtual online chicken-scratches of some of the folks who believe their opinion counts, but can't seem to chase together a half-dozen words in written English without making serious spelling and grammar errors, I have to wonder just what sort of deficient thinking is going on behind those furrowed brows.  What shrewd thinking is clicking away, deep down,  as they peck haphazardly at their their computer keyboards while attempting to communicate in a sub-optimal fashion with others in cyber-space. 

Jeff Schneider said:

Breaks is how we spell it hear.  You must be from some were else.

James BlackHeron said:

OMG fixies have NO BRAKES!!!!!@@!!at!!AT-AT!!

I used to wear a helmet everytime I went snowboarding and skateboarding, and then most of the time I went biking.  Then I hit my head twice, both times wearing a helmet and both times it did nothing but give me worse whiplash.  I probably should wear one still but don't because I feel I am more cautious without one, have a better field of vision, and feel I can protect my own head by tucking into my chest.  I'm starting to shop for them though because I don't believe those are good enough reasons anymore.

"Wear the Helmet, It beats the Alternative."

I wear my helmet.

I think that everyone should wear a helmet because it helps to protect your head if there's an accident. But, I also feel that adults should decide for themselves whether to wear a helmet or not.

Hey, it's your head/life.


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