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I don't need to know the reasons why... I think it's pretty clear. I've been hit and doored, so I'm flirting with the idea of getting a camera.

Curious if you do and what works well for you.

And if you helmet mount or bike mount.


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An old GoPro 3+. There are certainly better (the battery sucks) and cheaper cameras now, but it works well for my commute.

I ride with a helmet mount as it doesn't limit you to a fixed field of view. However, a seat mounted rear camera would be a great addition. 

I use a body mounted video camera. I ride a Divvy, so a permanent mount on the bike is a no-go. The camera is too big to be mounted on a helmet.

I do not use a camera. I've been doored a few times. Not sure it would help there. On the near misses where it might help, most of the time I simply don't care to let the incident continue to gnaw at me, which I think collating the video would do. The one time it might have come in ultra-handy was my crash in 2017 where I was knocked unconscious (and leg broken). Since I remembered nothing and there were apparently no witnesses other than the driver, the camera might well have helped, but maybe not. Perhaps it would have demonstrated I was at fault. Who knows? In any case, I do my darndest to be more careful so that sort of thing doesn't happen again.

A rear mount under the saddle. Another bike has a forward mount on the bars. An older GoPro with a second battery on a saddle mount to extend the time. Deleted when I get home, unless.

Always. GoPro 4. 

Yes. GoPro HERO7 Black.  Bike mounted.

Always run one on my commute, sometimes on non-commute rides depending on whether I have a place to put it at my destination.

Use a really old GoPro HD Hero 960, it only supports a 32G memory card and the quality isn't stellar but it was a free hand-me-down so I won't complain. I have a tube/bar mount that I attach to the front-ish of my drop bars with the camera upside down (there's a setting to flip the recording if you do this) or to risers in the middle of the bars. If you go with bar mount and will need to take it on and off the bike a lot I highly recommend the single screw bar mount with the hinge, I used to use the two screw kind and it is way more annoying to get on and off.

Yes, I always do. The I have both the front and rear Cycliq camera/light combos. They are an investment but great little things. They both can last about 7 hours each on one full charge. I used them one time to catch a commercial vehicle that passed dangerously and reported the driver to the company.

Always on commutes. Rear mounted Fly6 and GoPro Hero5 Session.

I use a very basic amazon camera but the battery life isn't great.....I got better batteries but I can still only get about 90 mins before I have to swap .

I've done helmet and on-bike. 

I use a Contour Roam 2 mounted on my front handlebars with the Contour flex strap (the Contour bike mount is obtrusive and broke after like a year). The video quality is good (except at night, of course). I'm hoping to acquire a Cycliq Fly 6 someday soon-ish.



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