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I was wondering if people here commute solo or have commuting buddy. If so - where from/to?


I'm thinking of trying to get one because sometimes I get lazy and also, that commute is pretty long by myself. I live in Lakeview and go down to Hyde park and work 9-5. if you do similar commute path and hours, and want to help encourage someone to stay in shape, shoot me a message :-)

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Hi Amy,  there's a few people here that also commute to Hyde Park / U of C from up north.  Not sure whether they're looking for commute buddies though or whether their routes coincide with yours.

I commute from the East Lakeview to Downtown (just off the south-western corner of the Loop), but my work hours start at 10. I see a few bikers on my way to work, but, I guess, most of the commuters start around 9.

. . . And yes, I would not mind not riding alone.

My wife commutes in fair weather.  Since I don't work I'll often ride with her either in the morning or meet her after work to ride her home.  Sometimes I'll do both.  She's got a nice, easy Logan Square-Downtown commute though.  30-35 minutes max.  I'm happy to ride it with her.  It's fun.
Hmmmm, I wonder if someone could develop a commuting buddy system like a ride share type site. Might be useful for people considering commuting for the first time, or for people that just want some company.
Hey Amy, When the weather is decent I take the lake front path from Roscoe to 60th and woodlawn a few days  a week. I have never tried commuting with some one else but I would be down to give it a shot. It might be a little bit before I get back into biking down there on a semi regular basis though.

Hi Amy,

I will be commuting to Hyde Park from Gold Coast as often as possible during the summer.  Please get in touch with me if you are interested in riding together.
I have a new commute path now: North Ave to Evanston (near Central/Ridge). Let me know if you're interested in commuting together! I leave at around 6am.


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