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I've noticed that a number of us primarily use Divvy to get around. I figured I'd create this thread to discuss all things Divvy. Compliments. Complaints. Suggestions. All welcome.

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I could have sworn that the pump I bought has both. I'll have to try it again.

Argonne and Bruce, with newer pumps you have to unscrew the valve cap, pull out the rubber valve and valve insert and reverse both and reinsert for pumping air in a presta and schrader valve receptacle. 

I've used the interchangeable valve thingy and decided it's better to have two lightweight pumps with each valve set up.  But it stands to reason that a SILCA 17-4 Presta Head could be a much better option when used with a Schrader setup on the pump.  With a small length of tubing leading to the Schrader head I think this will work well.  It's what I use with my floor pump at home.  I have a small MDI pump I'm planning to use for with my repair kit for this purpose but it's in the need of some restoration.

Basically I don't like the idea of possibly losing or damaging any of the small parts in the illustration when I might be 60 miles from home.

Hi Tom and Matt,

I have 2 lezyne portable pumps  I like a lot. Both have a small hose, stored inside the handle, that is reversable and has both valves. The great thing about the hose is that it helps avoid breaking the valve stem on the tube. And with this type of pump there is no risk of losing small parts while out in the field.

Happy riding!


Excuse the salty language.

Jesus F-cking H Christ. Can Divvy do any worse a job managing the bike racks? No. Simply no. I had an event at the Columbia Yacht Club this afternoon. I took a bike out to DuSable Harbor. When I got back to the bike rack it was empty. How the f-ck can a lakefront station be empty in the late afternoon? Do they make any attempt at keeping the stations partially filled? 

So, checking the system map, I hiked to Michigan and the Chicago River. Lol. Of course there's no station at the f-cking location. Why? Beats the sh-t out of me. Why show a station on the map when it doesn't exist? Again, beats the sh-t out of me. I hiked to the heart of River North and I'm still 2 blocks from the nearest station. Will there be bikes? F-ck if I know. The system map seems to be more or less useless. 

Why don't more people take bikes? It's obvious. One can't rely on them. If I experienced a couple of days like today I'd probably take my f-cking car. I've been a member since 2017, and it's not like I'm against the whole concept. However, my experience has been less than ideal. They do a horse sh-t job of keeping the stations balanced. There is absolutely no reason why any station should have f-cking zero bikes ever. Ever. 

Were you using the map on the App or the posted one on the station?

I was using the f-cking app.

I wound up walking all the way to Franklin and Chicago. What. The. F-ck. How the f-ck on Earth can there not be a bike between Michigan and the river and Franklin/Chicago?

The f-cking sad reality is that Divvy doesn't really give a flying f-ck. They have my f-cking money for the annual pass, so having bikes at the various stations doesn't really

 matter, now does it? Talk about bait and switch.

There are multiple apps aren't there? I use an app called Transit, not the DIVVY app. It can display multiple modalities: Metra and L, CTA buses and DIVVY. (It might also have some Uber/Lyft connectivity, but I don't use either service.) When my key fob hasn't worked, I've successfully used the app to get a code for the rack. I don't recall it ever giving me bad information about how full or empty the racks were. Might be worth a try.

The DuSable Harbor station has only one bike. What. The. F-ck. No station should EVER have less than a few bikes. Divvy should have usage data broken down to 5 or 10 minute increments. For any station they should know if the station is gaining or losing bikes. There's absolutely no reason a station should be empty, or nearly empty. 

Looking at the map near Michigan and Illinois, there's 2 bikes in a half mile square are. Numerous stations have zero bikes, and a few have 1 or 2. Why? They simply give up trying to move bikes at certain times. 

There are now ten stations in River North with zero bikes. Why? 

OMG! a product or service had a problem; let us freak the f-ck out about it!

Maybe the app is having an issue.

Maybe there was a rush that they had not had a chance to rebalance from.

Maybe shit happens.

In the big picture of life is this really that huge an issue?

Why am I not surprised to see this from the bike lane cry-baby?

F*ck you. I pay for the service, and the service was sh*t. It's not that difficult to keep the stations balanced, at least with a handful of bikes, especially stations that are isolated.



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