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Santa left me these knickers. They are made by Hector. He find used woolen slacks at thrift stores and turns them into fashionable and comfy knickers.

I also got this book. It's a wonderful book with pictures and stories about some of the finest handbuilt bicycles ever made. They are all French and cover a period from 1910-2003 with a focus on the period of 1940-1960. If you like vintage bicycles I can highly recommend this.

What was under your tree?

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That's a Chari & Co cap. They're $50 and sold out. Chari gets them custom made in very small runs, so they're kind of scarce.

You probably realize this, but there are many others in the same style: boutique makers like Deller, Octopus, Rainy Peak, Little Package... and now even conventional brands like Walz and Pace. The former you can find at some of the higher end shops around the city. The latter you can find almost anywhere.

Glenn said:
Who makes this is great!! Could you please post a link. I really want/need one of these. Thanks.

Happy (belated) Hanukah!

the Turtle said:

my sweetie bought me a merino wool cycling cap for hanukah.

the old dude with the snappy boots?

My beloved was carefully directed to investigate the Brooks Honey B67 sprung leather saddle for single rail mounting. My summer ride to St. Paul made it evident to me that these heavier saddles with springs are the correct under-tush necessity, as you are sitting on the back part of it 75% of the time.

And she did Owen a favor at Blue City Bikes by ordering it through his store rather than online, supporting his wonderful Bridgeport enterprise. (32nd and Halsted)
A shirt with this graphic:

(very cycling related : ) )
Yellow bike themed boxers!
New Turtle Fur gear-hat, neck gaiter, and ear band. Assos robo helmet liner and socks. New Bern Watts Helmet. From Me to me-New frame from Cove in Canada. G-Spot full susspension. Need something to do when I am not riding. Building bikes is almost as fun as riding. HAHAHAHHA:-)
A P7 light with bike attachment. Very nice...
I think this is my all-time so far favorite Chainlink discussion.

Although I'm almost 2 weeks late, I plan on getting my dad a jersey with Hebrew on it for Hanukkah.
My mother-in-law surprised me with this little gem of a gift. Really cool
got some park tool stuff (thx mom/gram!) including..

the home mechanic truing stand
the badass t handle hex wrench set
spoke tension meter
magnetic parts bowl

also some under armor to get me through the rest of winter
Not bicycle related but I had to add this other gift that my mother-in-law got me.

I usually like smokey scotch but this Oban 14 year is the f-ing real deal; so smooth and delicious. Of course, if you account for the warming effect this liquid brings to the body than its unlimited usefullness on winter rides could be considered bicycle related :)
Another set of heavier smartwools for riding in the cold. Woohoo!
Chris King salt and pepper shakers!

(Sorry, too lazy/inept to post actual photo. That's pretty inept, huh?! Also, yikes, didn't know they were that expensive. My sister-in-law works at a bike shop--I hope she got them at cost. For that price I'd have rather had a real hub, like a nice dynamo for my commuter. Sheesh.)



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