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Santa left me these knickers. They are made by Hector. He find used woolen slacks at thrift stores and turns them into fashionable and comfy knickers.

I also got this book. It's a wonderful book with pictures and stories about some of the finest handbuilt bicycles ever made. They are all French and cover a period from 1910-2003 with a focus on the period of 1940-1960. If you like vintage bicycles I can highly recommend this.

What was under your tree?

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Rapha accesories (winter hat and neck warmer)! And check the tissue paper!

Santa had to backorder the Novara commuter backpack. He thinks it will arrive in 15 business days. I can't wait. Those knickers look great!

my sweetie bought me a merino wool cycling cap for hanukah.

the old dude with the snappy boots?

Minoura Action Mag Rollers, and a deposit on a new, larger frame for the Cannondale road bike, and a pair of 2010 Mavic Ksyrium SL's

Plus various other goodies.
Nope. But an ebay 48t TA chainring showed up from the UK yesterday, tho. That may count.
I got a sweet, high-efficiency pump. Mom heard about all my flat tires on the Perimeter Ride and did some research :-D
Sam Schild said:

Battery operated speaker that fits into your water bottle cage and plays your iPod. Not a giant sound trailer, but enough for my everyday riding. This thing seems pretty awesome, I didn't even know it existed...
Who makes this is great!! Could you please post a link. I really want/need one of these. Thanks.

Happy (belated) Hanukah!

the Turtle said:

my sweetie bought me a merino wool cycling cap for hanukah.

the old dude with the snappy boots?

I got some pretty snazzy stuff this year :-) All of which by the way I would use with cycling in mind or cycling related:

Cycling related bike chain jewelery

infinity MPG shirt

Wool socks :D Which I will be wearing almost too often, and last but not least tea and hot cocoa to make those after ride warm ups all the more enjoyable
OH! and some awesome wool mittens the girl friend made meh
I got a Wintersilks balaclava that i hope will enable me to manage better in sub-zero temps, and my sister got me a chain brush/cleaner/thing!
my cousin returned the mag trainer he borrowed like 3 years ago..
Not under a tree, but behind some storage containers. While visiting family in Indiana yesterday, my uncle gave me a 1975 Schwinn Varsity (Chicago factory) that has been stored in his basement since the late 70’s.



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