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So I have become obsessed with building wheels lately and need some advice. I am having trouble getting certain bits of info regarding spoke tension on different hubs, rims, spokes, etc.


I have a Weinmann SEC16 32h rim in the rear and an Alex S500 in the front. I also have Formula RB-51/52 hubs (I think they are anyway). I can't seem to find a single bit of manufacturers info on any of these parts. I really need to know things like ERD and the proper spoke tension ranges of both rims (Yes I know I could measure ERD but it is a pain in the ass unless the rims are bare). I also understand that the spoke tension on the dished side of the rear (right) and the disc brake side of the front (left) are going to be different then that of the opposite side.


Is there a database out there that has this kind of information? Even if it is something that gives me recommendations for things like a low flange hub with a double walled rim, etc. I am especially concerned with knowing the proper spoke tensions for different rims. 

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These are references I already have:

Park Tools wheel info

Spoke Length calculator






In the face of completely missing info on spoke tension I just pick the middle of the range on the park tool conversion card and start there.  On a dished wheel the 'short' will have higher tension.

You might find Spocalc helpful.

I rebuilt my rear wheel the other day and I feel I have too much tension on the dished side. It rides like a tank now but I'm worried as I add more weight to the rear I will start damaging my rim so I'm gonna have to back off the tension a bit and re-adjust. I just wanted to make sure I was hitting the sweet spot for tension. Was also trying to reach the perfect balance of average and relative spoke tension. I'm just suprised how hard it is to find info on products that are so widely available. 


Companies like Velocity put weight and ERD info on their site but still no tension recommendation info at all. Just wondering why it is so hard to find or is it simply something that comes along with experience? Oh well, I guess I need to buy some books on the subject. 

I have all the tools and the conversion charts and such. The info I'm looking for is the tension ratings of certain rims. 


This is an example: (taken from Park Tools site rim tension measurements). 

This kind of info would help me get as close to the bottom, or top, end of a rims tension rating. So with this rim, on the front, I could set the tension between 22-25 of the TM-1 meter with a 2.0mm spoke. 25-28 on the rear dished side (cassette/freewheel). This is also a strong carbon rim so I'm guessing a lesser quality one would need to be set lower but I don't want to guess how much.


Anyway, just being nerdy.

If you email Velocity they will answer the correct spoke tension for their rims. I don't know about the companies in question, but it wouldn't hurt to try.
That actually never crossed my mind. I'll give it a shot, can't hurt to try :)


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