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I figured it would be cool to put up a thread where people can post the good deals they see around or spread the word about sales all in one place without having to make a new thread each time.

Notice an amazing special somewhere?  Post it up.

Know about a secret deal somewhere? Post it up.

You know the drill.

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Although pie plates/spoke protectors are actually required by law by the U.S. CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY COMMISSION for any new bicycles sold retail as per 16 C.F.R. Part 1512

(3) Derailleurs must be guarded to prevent the chain
from interfering with or stopping the wheel
through improper adjustment or damage.

Allen Wrench said:

super sport was a handbuilt Cr/Mo fillet brazed frame, much lighter than Varsity etc, should have 27" aluminum Weinmann rims, double butted spokes, a Shimano Crane rear derailleur and a Schwinn/Brooks B17 type seat, randonneur bars and a weird 21.1 mm stem. Inexplicably, also a one piece Ashtabula crank, a junky front derailleur with heavy Schwinn stem shifters, a pie plate, a brazed on steel kickstand and a steel seat post. These are great bikes and it's only $90 more than it cost new! Kool Lemon is the best flavor.

A-Wrench you run that down very well.  One small quibble, the rear DR was french, stamped Schwinn approved to be sure.  It was not the mighty Shimano Crane, (I had to run down to the parts box and verify that).  I do concur, Kool Lemon being the best flavor.  Evidently some people crave a bite of Sunset Orange to satisfy their cycling palette, go figure.   ;)

James BlackHeron, you mentioned 'bent fork' along the way.  I go by ChicAgo Steel over on BF.  How about yourself?

Nice job quoting CPSC 16 C.F.R. Part 1512

Jeez I love going to class an getting skooled on the interwebs.

I hail by Amesja over at BF -I pretty much only hang out on the Classic & Vintage sub-forum. 

"Fork looks bent..."


I've read and respected your posts.  C&V for me as well.  They're so smart and funny too!

BTW That's Tony Adam's '73 SS.  He just doesn't know it yet.  ;)

...don't encourage me ;)

hey, i am looking to slowly morph my bike into this

if anyone could fine me a gray fork.

that would be greatly appreciated!

The owner of On The Route and The Trek Store on Michigan communicated that they have winter gear 25% off, including sunglasses ("February Special").

Po Campo is on sale until 5/15 at 

Want any MissionWorkshop bags (messenger or backpack)?

Call Smart Bike Parts and ask Eric to order one for you. You'd be surprised at the prices.

Electra: Ticino Lux (Large)  $500!!!

Kind of a shameless plug for my bike that I am selling.



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