get 'em while they last! ("Tickets typically sell out quickly.") and then ride down to work up a thirst. (just riding won't require a ticket, stay tuned for ride details.)

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my goofy friend made me do this for him! Beer crazy...not good

he came home one day and his wife had cleaned out the house and took everything including the computer and the I get to try and get tickets for this thing.

There are so many other even better breweries.....

his wife left him because he was crazy about beer? and then you had to do this because she had their computer? crazy!

actually in the whole world there are only 3 better breweries.  :-)

Something like that.My brewery list is different, but "best" is subjective :-D

I drink at least one craft beer per day and favorites vary, I personally think that Three Floyds is better at marketing then beer brewing. But I like their beer, just don't think it matches the hype. Zombie Dust, would it be as popular if it was called Pussy Dirt, I think not. It's not actually "dust" nor does it have anything to do with "zombies"..

It' all subjective man, for eg: I like Foo Fighters but wouldn't go to their concert, but if you want to I'm happy for you.

who are the top 4 on your list?

i think of beer like bike riding. there are people who do it for fun, and there are professionals. being a beer professional, like being a professional bike rider, includes marketing. it doesn't make their beer better, but it doesn't make it worse, either.

my list doesn't have a top, that's what makes it different

I think of a brewery as a place (although it is perfectly acceptable to think of it as a beer making entity) but if one's intent is to "visit" then the beer itself is only part of the experience. I would say my favorite brewery experience was Lagunitas Chicago. My second favorite was Coors Golden,CO. I do love to visit all the locals but I have yet to make it to them all, working on it.

I don't have a permanent favorite beer but a new obsession is Belt and Suspenders by Buckle Down out of Lyons, IL. Another previous favorite was Alley Time by Spiteful. Alley Time has bikes on the label!

i agree, there's more to a visit than the beer. have you ever visited DLD?

my most recent favorite beer is the Founders Backstage Series #14: Project Pam.

i enjoy visiting buckledown. i'd enjoy it more if they served food. have you been to imperial oak just down the road from them? half acre just started serving food. i haven't been to lagunitas yet. lead a ride there?  :-)

Founders Backstage Series #14: Project Pam: looked it up, I'd bet that'd be one of my favorites too but haven't seen it around here(anyway there are too many to try them all). I've never been to Buckle Down but I plan to go soon.

Lagunitas has really good beer (not so exclusive, but I appreciate inclusiveness much more than exclusivity) but the real treat is the brewery as a destination. The first part of the tour is "Adult Day Care" where they take folks down to this huge room loaded with games and art and fun stuff and feed you beer and the staff talks about beer and brewing and you basically get buzzed for free. They also have a huge restaurant (food is great) with live entertainment every day (almost) at 4:20PM and an awesome gift shop and they are building an amphitheater inside the brewery! Too far for me to bike to but if you can get a ride together you should definitely do that. I bet if you call ahead they may let you your ride group lock up in the warehouse or something like that. Luagunitas on a normal day is way better than...well I like it, I think most craft beer enthusiasts would too.OK never went the DLD event but went to the brewery/restaurant once.

I think I'll take a pass this year

ok, just let me know if you change your mind.  :-)


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