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Hi all!  

I'm new at CL and new to cycling; started this summer and it's safe to say I have fallen deeply in love with the feeling of flying along the LFP.  Currently I'm riding about 20 miles a day, Sun-Thu, @ 15-17 mph with a recovery day on Fri and a long ride (50 miles) on Sat.

My 20-mile route starts on the bridge between Michigan and Columbus, just North of Roosevelt (see graphic).  I ride North to the head of the LFP (at Foster), South to approx McCormick Place to complete the route, then mosey back to the South Loop.

I depart between 5:30am and 6:00am*, but I'm happy to adjust/tighten the departure time with advance notice (Email or text me before 9pm the night before) if I know I'm riding with someone.  Happy to ride slightly faster or slower as well.  

I'd enjoy some CL company for my daily or Saturday long ride.  Please let me know if you're interested in joining me!

*Note: leaving this early allows me to avoid the herds of runners I've heard other cyclists grouse about on the path, but this time of year it's usually fairly dark for the first 15 - 20 minutes of the ride - some kind of front-facing light is probably a good idea!

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Sweet, welcome to cycling in the Chicago area.  If you start early enough at this time of year you can get some great rides on the LFP.  It's a nice jaunt for short rides like this. 

Don't get TOO used to a clear LFP though.  Next spring you'll be looking for someplace else to ride or needing to depart at 3AM to beat the crowds.

Where are you getting the 50 in?  Just doing more laps of the LFP?

Front-facing lights are ALWAYS a good idea.  Even a legal requirement. . . Enjoy your rides, and you might consider making your 20 milers to the south.  The view of the skyline is actually better from down around 47th Street, and the LFP is always less crowded south of the Museum Campus.

I'm a big fan of the Channel Trail to the Green Bay Trail.  But that's because it is pretty close and easy to get to from where I live in Logan Square.  And once on the GBT I can always bail out by catching the Metra back home for whatever reason I can't complete the miles I bit off.

There are a ton of good trails.  The only problem is getting to them.   Many of them go on for more miles than most folks are willing to ride. 

I'm interested but I'm very very slow. Ask anyone. I can last on long rides, but I roll around at a leisurely sloth pace. We can always start out together and if I'm too slow I'll just get off at downtown or maybe Lakeview?

LFP to Hollywood, streets to Loyola out to Sheridan Road up to Highland Park and back.



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