I can't keep this to myself any longer...

WorkingBikes has (used?)cycling jerseys for $10 each. It's a buy two get one free sale as well. there are tons of them in all sizes colors and from everywhere. There are some shorts and those things that covor just your arms or legs.

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That's awesome. Thanks for sharing.  I'm a sucker for jerseys.

Unfortunately I have been warned about getting more jerseys... and jackets... and hats... and bags... and shoes........ oh and also bikes :(

Sweet day in the morn'!

I might have to find time to stop by.  Wearing out my current jerseys like crazy.

Do you know how long this sale is going to last?

sale lasts as long as they have shirts...and they have tons.
Jeffrey Servita said:

Do you know how long this sale is going to last?

M. M. , Head on down to Working Bikes today, and check out the cycling jerseys! Meet you later!
2434 s.Western Ave. 12-7pm.

OK, that settles it, I'm putting more jerseys on the floor!  this sale has been going on for a month and has no signs of slowing.  every bag we open has more gems in it!  what do i have to do to put you in a full aaron's furniture kit today?!?!

To the guys that have visited the shop, are those new or used or a mixture of both?


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