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First, let me say how much I miss the Chicago cycling community.  You people made the transition to Chicago MUCH easier.  And much harder to leave.  

Now the reason for my post, I am contemplating a custom steel ride and would like to get some advice on what to look for/avoid in this process.  I am basically going to have this bike for longer rides (20, 40, 60+).  I am not a small guy so I do not care about grams or ounces, but I do want a lighter bike.  I am more than happy to call somebody or just have an email exchange.  I appreciate any help you can provide. 

And lastly, is any one Malort better than others?  How is Jeppson's Malort?

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A few more questions

Does Surly make the SE line of bikes?

Any feedback on Ritchey (I may have a unique opportunity)? I am specifically wondering/asking about Road Logic.

So any feedback about a full Ritchey build?

I was looking at the Road Logic frame myself a while ago. Reviews I found spoke well of it, but I believe it's tig welded in a Taiwanese factory (not that that's bad, but not "custom"). If you can get a great deal, I personally think it looks like a very solid frame, Ritchey has a great reputation, it takes wider tires than most (which I like), and a friend of a friend owned one and liked the ride.

That said, at the price point they go for full retail, I started looking at Gunner frames based on Gunner's connection to Waterford and the fact that they're produced in small quantities in Wisconsin. You can also find a Gunner built up to test ride in the area to get a feel for the frame and fit if you look around.
Excuse the typo. It's Gunnar (not Gunner), if you take a look at what they have.

Check out the crucially beautiful Humble Frameworks bikes. Made in Chicago

I would but am sadly not in CHI any more . . . 



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