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Hi, I've got a few crotch-related, yet serious, questions for you tough bikers out there. They are pretty old hat, but I didn't see any answers in the forum, and wanted to ask real people about these, very. real. problems. Everyone talks about winter layers, well, I find there are some situations where too many layers are painful.

I was wondering, how do you deal with layering up for winter without overheating and, um, chaffing, sensitive areas of the body? What's your base layer, over layer etc for not just riding, but a life where most if not all your transportation is by bike. Like, I don't really wanna hear "all I wear is three hundred dollar winter kits" or something, what do you do, SERIOUSLY, in terms of underwear etc for life on a bike in winter?

That being asked, I was out riding today and I had a horrible, pulsating pain in my right, um, "friend." Any tips on keeping the boys safe and sound, despite the build up of layers down there?

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I have been using baby powder for a long time to prevent chaffing and I will continue to do so. I NEVER get chaffing. Everyone is different but it seems to work for me and it is worth a try.

+1 on the thermal cycling tights. Mine has fleece on the inside for added warmth, waterproof/windproof, wicks moisture and work well under 32 degrees. I paid around $50.00 at REI for them over a year ago. Still like brand new and worth the cost. I don't wear anything under my tights but if added warmth is necessary I have been happy with Under Armour Coldgear. Nice and tight (Not compression) and keeps me very toasty. I wear the Under Armour UNDER cycling tights.

Ooh, REI might be on my to do list now, those sound nice. I think it has to be my saddle. I've been trying to get out and ride longer (now that it's getting colder?) and also riding a different bike than my normal. Should have thought of that, but I like the seat I have on there so much it just slipped my mind to check. I've also started wearing padded bike shorts for the longer rides, which I never did before, so I thought it might be some adverse affect of all that extra material down there.

i'm not a dude but riding in jeans sucks unless it's under 5 miles.  

Yai, I agree, riding in jeans is not the most comfortable option. To each their own.

Also not a dude here, but the baby powder that's made from corn starch instead of talcum powder is especially absorbent and soothing. And, for the other women reading this, corn starch is much safer for use around "lady parts". 

To Ed-- are you 100% sure this problem is being caused by pressure to the 'part' that seems to be painful?

Referred pain to the groin due to a nerve root or peripheral nerve entrapment is not an uncommon phenomenon, and such entrapment can often be 'triggered' mechanically i.e. by positioning.  Does pressure also seem to reproduce the same discomfort when you're not on the bike?

Nerve entrapment? Honestly, I was riding and hit by this pain every time I made a revolution with my right leg. It was so bad that an old man totally smoked me on the LFP... (keep kicking killing it old dude). How could I tell if it was nerve entrapment?

As a runner, I've used Bodyglide to prevent chaffing on long runs.  It feels a little strange at first, but eventually I forget it's there.

+1 on the thermal tights (I have Sugoi) and also

+1 on the silk underwear. these are very very comfortable

I swear by Bag Balm, which I apply morning and night.  It comes in a green can and Walgreens sells if for about $9 which lasts me about 6 months.  I wear unpadded bike shorts as my base layer.  Don't wear cotton.

Do you ever have problems during other seasons?  Are you sure it's your clothing?  Perhaps if you change the saddle or saddle position it could help.  I really don't want to know, but there are a lot of dif areas that could chaff. Do you mean chub rub?  Or is it an issue with your taint?  I may not return to this thread for the answers....;)



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