This bingo card was created as a tribute to the was anderson Movie Moonrise Kingdom - link . it features things that one would usually see in a Wes Anderson movie. I think it is brilliant.
i'd like to make bingo cards like this for the next critical mass ride.

Any suggestions for items?

so far I have

- Tall bike

- people in matching outfits

- a dog on a bike or a trailer
- a bike with a sound system
- a bike with a milk crate that says "Dean Foods"

please add items that you think should be on a critical mass bingo.

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The Picasso


Flat tires

Bike cops

A car that got stuck in the mass


Speaker sets

A pre-1960's bike

A penny-farthing bike

  • bike with drivetrain noticeably louder than bike soundsystem in close proximity
  • JBH (he's made every mass this year, right?)
  • cyclist wearing spandex and flip flops

- PBR can

- pack of cigarettes

- Daley Plaza replica

  • Cyclists hooting and hollering while riding under a train viaduct.

Bike salute

spinergy wheel



Naked person


  • Someone tipping over at a stop because they are still clipped-in and/or had a few too many.
  • A pedi-cab with fares in crutches/cast
  • Someone mooning the Mass
  • A cop telling a corker to "move along"
  • A cop making someone pour out their beer
  • A couple of kids with a bong-backpack that looks like a camelback but...isn't
  • Trick rider holding a back-wheelie for 100 yards coming down from a bridge/overpass
  • A dude with  gigantic dead fish in a skin-suit running around Polish Triangle and weaving through the mass
  • Someone on the sidewalk yells back, "There ain't NO HAPPY FRIDAYS in this economy!"
  • Someone in their underwear -oh, never mind that'll be pretty common this month...

There are some good ideas here.

Thank you all for your help.

If you do it I would like to play

Brilliant.  A Chris Drew patch.  Rat patrol members. Booze in a pop bottle. Airhorn. Anarchists.  BMX boys. Helmetless pretty girls.  Dogs on bikes.  First timers.  Hookups.  Raging cagers.  Hijacking. ...


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