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Courtroom Advocate Training for Case related to Hector Avalos death

Courtroom Advocate Training for Case Related to Hector Avalos Death

Active Trans has worked with the 10th district CAPS office to coordinate a training on 03/26 at 6:30pm for individuals interested in becoming CAPS courtroom advocates to appear at the hearings related to the Hector Avalos fatal DUI crash from back in December.

3315 W Ogden Ave, Chicago, IL 60623

Courtroom advocates are a program that falls under CAPS and serve to bear witness to the legal proceedings relating to a case the community takes special interest in. They also serve as moral support for families and victims who must appear in court and to provide a visible reminder to the justice system that the public has a vested interest at stake in the case.Your name and contact info will be entered and become part of the court record as an advocate whenever you attend a hearing in this capacity.

If you are interested in becoming trained as an advocate for this case or know someone who is please share and rsvp to

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Thank you for reading. I am a close friend of Hector's and we are looking for a few more (5) individuals that are willing to contact Jason today before noon today to attend class on Wednesday. Thank you!

Please contact Jason Jenkins at ActiveTrans if you are able to attend tomorrow's courtroom advocate training. The training is after work from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. You can reach Jason at


Good Morning,
Feel free to join us TONIGHT for Hector Avalos Courtroom Training at the 10th District Chicago Police Station 3315 W. Ogden Ave. 6:30-8 pm. Hope to see you there, Thanks!


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