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construction on Archer impacting the bike lanes: anyone have an IDOT contact?

I ride Archer in to work most mornings, and a project to replace the sidewalk access ramps between Western (or maybe farther, i just get on on Western) and Chinatown  has been going on for months (translation: they started it a long time ago and then left) - and has left giant chunks out of the pavement at almost every intersection - right in the middle of the bike lanes. 

I don't really need to spell out to this group why that's a bad thing on a busy, fast, curvy, bike route - but i want to let IDOT  (or who/whatever would be the best contact) know that just because a chunk out of the pavement doesn't affect cars doesn't mean it isn't dangerous!

Anyone have an email address at IDOT that I could email (or a better idea for who to reach out to?) 

thank you!

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Here are some examples 35th and Archer:

and Paulina and Archer:

There are numerous sites between Western and Canal where the curb-ramp patches have been filled in, but lots of them have not yet. I have not been able to perceive a pattern...

Update: I did send a message to IDOT through their facebook page, and someone got back to me (the holes got patched last week, but)- here's what they said. Pretty helpful! 

Thank you for your concern regarding our unfinished construction work. Although the concrete for the ADA ramps was complete, the asphalt surrounding the ramps was remaining. Archer Avenue is now complete. California is expected to be complete this week. 63rd and Morgan will be prioritized next. Have a great day!
Thank you! One concern i do have is that these holes were patched with asphalt- so over time will likely sink, making the bike lanes less safe - is there a contact we can call if that does happen?
Absolutely. Please feel free to call our District 1 office with any questions. 847-705-4000 is the phone number.

Wow!  I'm impressed that you actually got a meaningful response from those people!  Very good!

Between Western and Chinatown was the pleasant section of pavement for Archer.

Try heading west from Western. Not only have they left those curb cuts unpaved / uneven, but there's just really degraded street pavement. If you ride a couple blocks east to a couple blocks west of Pulaski, it's like riding over a moonscape. I have literally broken parts of my bike on the terrible surface because it is so jarring.

Between Kedzie & Drake utility / sewer work has torn up various sections / strips of the street. Cement has been laid, but at no point is it actually level with the street around it. It's not all done at the same time. As I'm sure all cyclists know, gaps in pavement are just plain dangerous.

Since you're more familiar with the eastern portion of Archer, imagine the pavement at the westbound corner of Archer & Canal, how it's potholes from gaps between the concrete sewer work and the older pavement. Now imagine that for miles to the west. That's Archer.

You're absolutely right.  I actually bought a used mountain bike to (among other purposes) have available when going through that area and others like it.  I anticipate the situation deteriorating further before it gets better.  Scary.

wow. that sucks. I wonder if the street contractors think it's less important to do their best work on the edges because cars don't travel there? 

Would be great if part of our bike-friendly-City status included construction review/inspections for bike safety - so - if there was construction and bike routes or lanes were impacted , the construction plan rerouted or at least re-signed the bike lanes - and when construction was done - the bike lanes were inspected at even higher standards than the car lanes!

in any case, be careful out there. and contact IDOT! they should at least know this stuff! I was riding with 5 other bikes on Archer this morning - there are a lot of us out there.

They were out repainting the lines this morning between Kedzie & Drake. The street's still a complete disaster. Seems like a waste of time to restripe it.

Let me know when you guys are out that way and I'll give you the "grand" tour. :P

Tour De Potholes?!

and - likewise - there's a new bar that just opened at Ashland & Archer - One City Tap - that has a decent tap list - if you're passing by after work sometime we can buy you a beer and commiserate about road surfaces :) 

I'm trying to picture where that bar would be. Next to the car wash?

yes, exactly. given how much commercial vacancy we have along archer, it's kind of hilarious how much they cram into that tiny corner - it's between the carwash and the gross-foot-clinic  (of course it is!!!)

I was kinda hoping they took over the gross foot clinic while I wasn't looking and de-grossified it. Or just burned it to the ground. That'd probably be more sanitary.

That clinic is an all-timer of nauseating toe conditions, that's for sure.  I have nightmares about the giant photos.


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