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 Cyclists need to follow rules of the road just like every other vehicle on the road is what it comes down to, and need to be held accountable for their own mistakes, and i believe the only way to ensure that is cycling classes, and licensing, vin numbers for bikes, and insurance.

as a cyclist, I wouldnt run a red light, as a driver i wouldnt either, so when a cyclist does this ten to fifteen seconds after his light has turned red, and crashes into a moving vehicle and injurs himself who is to blame? the driver blames the cyclist, the cyclist often blames the driver.

The fact is that cyclists are held to a different standard bc they are in a gray area inbetween pedestrian and vehicle...if they get injured in the manner described above, they can often sue the driver and recieve large sums of money...or medical bill coverage paid for by the driver who did nothing except go at a green light, and be at the wrong place when a reckless cyclist decides to ignore the red light and ride into moving traffic. 

This is not justice, this is not equality. 

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I wish a downvote button existed in The Chainlink.  As it is, the only thing that can be done is refrain from commenting.  Which I should have done.


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