If anyone in the Chicago Cycling Community is heading to Alaska this winter, let me know.  I love to share Anchorage winter biking.  Thanks to you all for sharing the perimeter ride with me in the fall!  

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Good question about the yeti.

And Marcia, can you plan an Anchorage perimeter ride for us :))

Chi Lowe (<12 parsecs) said:

Gak!  Your picture above is amazing!  

  1. Is there a place that rents Big Dummies or other snow worthy winter bikes up there?  
  2. Also curious: are there lots of places near Anchorage to make several days riding fun, or would a weekend be enough?  
  3. What time of the year does the snow get real?
  4. And finally, what about the Yeti?

There are several places to rent snow bikes, not cheap, but good bikes, Surly Pugsleys, Fatbacks, etc.

There are miles and miles of good riding.  We could do a perimeter ride, about 50 miles around Anchorage, and almost all on trails. There are miles of single tracks at a couple of parks.  Here is a link to their maps. http://singletrackadvocates.blogspot.com/2012/10/new-detailed-kinca...  

January 4 is

the Frosty Bottom Race. Here's the link from last year.  It has a 25 mile and a 50 mile course.  http:/

/www.chainreactioncycles.us/FrostyBottom/FrostyCourse.html  (I came in 2nd to last in 2013 and am proud of it.)  And then there is a wilderness ride for 50k or 100k in February.  http://www.susitna100.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=vie....  I haven't done that yet, but might try the 50k this year.  There is usually a fun ride with about 100 people in late February around Anchorage with stops at coffee shops, bars... (You guys know the drill)  But I haven't heard of a date for that one yet.  

Right now we have 8 inches of snow.  It will probably stay until April. We are expecting 2-6 inches tonight.  Sometimes there is a nasty icy melt down.  But its pretty hard to predict.  So I guess I'd say that it is now for real. 

As for Yeti, yes, we have a Yeti, its called Yak and Yeti and is a very yummy Nepalese restaurant!


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