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Mine got cold today after about 18 miles...I must try something new...This site looked  helpful...

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Whoa man! Put those away, or at least give us a warning.

I'd assume after 18 miles your feet would be cold no matter what.

Everyone is different. I've used a single pair of wool socks with hiking boots, and it has yet to fail me. The boots keep the wind n winter felch off my feet, and the wool socks have worked well for me. A pair of polypro liner socks might help, too, since they'll transfer moisture off your feet, and insulate a little on their own. I have never used "winter" cycling shoes, maybe paying $150 will help.

Do a search for heated garments, several manufacturers...

...heated sox via [battery-element] could be an option...have not studied the best to get though. These alpenheat's might be good!...



Yesterday I went with this quasi gym/hiking shoe, and wool socks with baggies. Worked quite well rode for about 2 1/2 hrs, no cold toes. I think the key was the thicker sole on the shoe and the neoprene cover that came up over the toe area,

I've had good lucks with my Keen waterproof shoes and haven't been wearing wool socks. Maybe I'll go ahead and buy a pair of wool socks later today for tonight's ride. Riding this morning to work wasn't bad at all, but I just wanted to be sure.


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