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Chicago/Wicker Park - Surveillance photos show fight over bike man was trying to sell

Thursday August 20, 2015

Source is Chicago Tribune

The crime, according to prosecutors: Pulling up in a Mercedes SUV with tinted windows and beating a man with bats and a metal pipe to steal a bike he was trying to sell for $500.

But the seller, Eric Batlle, fought back and was still holding on to the bike when police officers showed up and arrested the four, along with a 17-year-old boy, Tuesday afternoon.

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"Apparently the group called police before-hand to report they were about to retrieve a stolen bike but instead of waiting, they allegedly attacked the man.

CBS 2 reached out to their private attorneys, who had no comment."

When I'm familiar with the subject matter, I find DNAinfo to be wrong about 98% of the time.

So that leaves and nbcchicago.  Hope you can take it from there...

Im sure they'll be found "not guilty " due to affluenza .

Update to incident dated August 22, 2015 11:30am

Source is DNAinfo/Chicaago Wicker Park & Bucktown  Crime & Mayhem

WICKER PARK — As a man who was brutally beaten while trying to sell his bike at a Wicker Park gas station Tuesday recovers, he said he's baffled by his attackers' claims that the bike was actually theirs.

"I was surprised [by the attack] because I genuinely thought I was selling the bike," Eric Batlle told DNAinfo Chicago on Thursday.

Meanwhile, lawyers for the men charged in the attack said the accused are honor students for whom the behavior was out of character. Steven Decker, an attorney for 18-year-old Michael Kralis, said the young men accused of beating and robbing the victim believed the bike was stolen.

According to Batlle, the 17-year-old brought serial numbers for his missing bike to a police station, and those numbers did not match up with Batlle's model. Police could not confirm the story Thursday.

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I've been afraid something like this would happen.

Reading all the stories, I don't see any substantial inconsistencies.  Now the video is out.  A bunch of affluent thugs beat the crap out of some poor guy who was just trying to sell his bike.  But don't worry.  The parents of those thugs will be willing to pay quite a bit of money to make all this go away.  I fear that the state's attorney will give a wink and a nod and the charges will be reduced to misdemeanors, with no jail time and no serious punishment for the thugs.  Ah, Chicago, land of the free and home of the brave -- at least if you have a baseball bat and a rich daddy.

By the way, even if the guy had been selling a stolen bike -- which he clearly was not -- that still would not have justified pounding him with bats and metal poles.  This is not Tombstone, Arizona in the 1880s, or at least it shouldn't be.      


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