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Chicago tops NYC as most bike-friendly city in U.S., magazine finds Bicycling in the city

When it comes to cycling, the second city is now the first, according to a leading bike publication.

Bicycling magazine is set to announce Monday that Chicago is now the best bike city in the United States, unseating New York City. This is good news for Rahm Emanuel, who had pledged when he became mayor to make Chicago the most bike-friendly place in the country.

Chicago came in at No. 2 in 2014 in the biennial ranking, after New York. Chicago has been climbing steadily, from 10th place in 2010 to fifth place in 2012.

Magazine editor-in-chief Bill Strickland said Chicago grabbed the top spot because it has emphasized building infrastructure that separates cyclists from motorists.

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This is mostly for states. Florida is # 1.

It is difficult to find current accurate data naming the most fatal U.S. city for cyclists. Maybe our friend, John Greenfield has more info. My guess is that it is New York City.

It would seem fairly easy to rank higher than NYC for "bike-friendly".  Personally, I would do away with "bike friendly" ratings unless fatalities were rare, like only a few a year.  

I just picked up the magazine yesterday. Detroit is last, which is correct (mostly) there are areas you don't want to be in, brick paved on the far right of major streets but the Immediate midtown to downtown area is great for riding.
A city built for a little over 2 million and now down to 750,000 could really rebuild itself to be bike friendly with 8 lane avenues basically empty.


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