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riding to the Fire home opener. its march 26th, kick off is at 3. we will be meeting up at the wholefoods in the south loop (roosevelt and canal) around 12 and riding out from there. tailgate starts when the lot opens so about 2 hours before the game. $5 donation for food and beer or byo. tickets are 20$.


see ya there.

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Missed you sugar! Fire won! See you at the next one! ;-)

I figured I'd try to resurrect this thread, considering it is the off-season, but to get word out and try to figure out interest in more frequent rides out to Toyota Park for most of next year.


Also, this:


And this:


There are a few dedicated riders that come in from all parts of the city throughout the year.  We've found some nice routes and try to figure ways to check out new places on that ride out down Archer and other streets in the areas we cover.


Found good liquor stores for tailgating (pannier bags get loaded up), lots of good restaurant spots to eat at before/after the rides to and from, truly unique (and fantastic) bars along the way. 


That doesn't even mention what a great experience it is to ride down Archer Avenue- what I consider to be a great "representation" of what Chicago is really like, and gives off a great reflection of the various aspects of the city.

The ride always has ended well- especially when we've headed to Skylark on the way back home after a Fire win, or to Chinatown for some late night dim sum, or popped north to hit up a few spots before bedtime.

With the Fire's schedule already released, some bigger rides will be coordinated and we treat them very casually.  It ain't a race - people go at their own pace.  I know I'd love to meet some new people and see some new faces make the trip by bike in 2014.


I'm a season ticket holder (multiple tickets) and have a few hook ups for tickets below Ticketbastard's going rates - so please feel free to message me, or reply back to this thread if you are interested in game tickets, safe and convenient route directions by bike, or just want to talk Fire.


Vamos la MAQUINA ROJA- esta noche, tenemos que ganar...



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