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Hey guys,

It's finally time to be a little vocal about who I am and what I do! I mean, I do go to some of the rides say "hi!" and ride bikes. Anyway, I'm Kevin, I am a photo student at Columbia College and also a photographer. 

Currently I am working on a photo series of bicycles used on the streets of Chicago. They are meant to be professional profile images on a white sweep. The idea of the series is to show the huge variety of bicycles people use. We as cyclist know this but this gives someone who doesn't a view into how much bikes mean to people. All the quirky parts, accessories, wear and tear, it goes on. 

I also want it to evolve into more showing the riders of bikes eventually. The final outcome and product is eventually a book with the title Chicago Cyclist Commuter: Bicycles.

Let me know what you guys think. I am also looking for bicycles to shoot! Which is why I posted ;) 

check out my site:

my flickr: FLICKR  and as well as the CCC bikes set: HERE

thanks guys!

- Kevin Gebhardt

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I see that bike around my school all the time!! Ain't no hipster, but it does turn my head. I have another, significantly more beat up Lotus (variety, right?) that I'd love to have photographed for posterity. Will msg you. 

Kevin Gebhardt said:

This beautiful bike is Tim S's! Awesome old steel ride. 

I have commuter bike I would like to be photographed but you have yet to respond to me...

notoriousDUG said:

I have commuter bike I would like to be photographed but you have yet to respond to me...

Hey Doug, I actually have nothing in my inbox. add me on facebook. That's the best way to get ahold of me. I guess that goes for all!



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