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Peace All,

Red Bike & Green + The Pioneers Bicycle Club present...

The Southside Ride for Chicago Critical Mass

This Critical Mass route proposal is a 14-mile tour of some of Chicago's African-American cultural & historical landmarks. Highlights along the route will include the site of the Chess Records studios, the Bronzeville Victory Monument, Ida B. Wells' home, the Harold Washington Cultural Center, the DuSable Museum, the Obamas' house and much more. The ride will end at the new 31st Street marina and beach.

Check out the map at:
Scroll down on the home page and click on the flyer for the full size image.

A special thanks to the lovely Eboni Senai, a true gem in our city. Her work as the Founder of Red Bike & Green - Chicago is energizing bicycling culture in the African American community of Chicago. Also want to share a huge thanks with John Greenfield, Willow Naeco, and Steven Lane for their early, active, and consistent support of this effort.

We will meet up at 5:30pm on Friday, August 31st at the Picasso statue at Daley Plaza. Please join us for a beautiful ride through parts of the Southside of Chicago! about a post-ride afterparty?
Peoples DJs Collective 3YR Anniversary BBQ
2236 S. Marshall Blvd., Chicago
(block west of California & Cermak)

Rock on,

The Pioneers Bicycle Club

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great feedback James...

James BlackHeron said:

Like I said earlier, a good rule of thumb is when the mass moves out of a "choke point" where it is slowed down for whatever reason the folks at the front need to be conscious NOT to speed up and lose the guys who are still going slow at (and before) said choke point and are still struggling to move through it.     The leaders can't go any faster than those behind them once they get back out onto a nice, wide, open street. Those behind are still in that choke point and CAN'T go faster so if the head moves faster than the body (or the tail) the Mass will naturally get too spread out.

It's human nature to WANT to speed up after one has been slowed-down to "make up for lost time" -but that very natural instinct is exactly what causes the slinky-effect as those behind you can NOT speed up until they are past the slow area. 

And yes, I understand that it is difficult to rein in the yahoos exuberant folks from blazing ahead too fast at the front of the Mass.  it isn't exactly common sense (or common knowledge) that one needs to hold back once the head of the Mass emerges from a choke point.   And yes, more of us experienced massers needed to ride to the front and help out.  But it gets tiring to fight this same battle month after month.    It wasn't super-terrible this month anyhow and the leaders hopefully learned from the experience, which only leads to more folks who actually know what is going on.   If the same few folks step up month after month and work to stop these types of minor mistakes from happening then the new guys never really get to understand why this stuff is important or how to pace the front of the mass. 


Next time invite Alderman Dowell!  This from GridChicago:

I'll be looking or a signed & numbered limited-edition collector's vile fowl button!

Crafty Cycling Chick said:

Thanks to some recent feedback sent through the CCM web site, I will be easier to spot at upcoming CCM rides. Look for the vile fowl helmet decoration. (The vile fowl will also be wearing a button apron.)

hey Lisa - yeah, that is an awesome idea. thanks much! would love for the young people to know we are coming and greet us along the route as we rollin by...

Lisa Curcio said:


Next time invite Alderman Dowell!  This from GridChicago:


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