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Hi, all.

I am a photographer in Arlington Heights, IL, and I have a commercial product shoot coming up on Monday (October 24th) afternoon/evening.  I will be shooting at my studio in Arlington Heights. I have secured a bicycle rental for the shoot (height of model needed to select frame size), but I was wondering if there was anyone in the area that would like to model for it.

No modeling experience necessary.  I can trade your time for some athletic photos if you like.  Or we can discuss other compensation.

You can view my studio's website here:

If anyone is interested, please email me and we can work out details.  Thanks so much!

Tim Kou

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How can you have rented a bike when you do not know the height of your model?

Or is proper bike fit not important to whatever 'bicycle product' you are photographing? 

Good question.  The shop is giving me pick of any bike in a certain price range, so when I know the gender/height of the model, I'll be able to tell the bike shop what I need specifically.  It'll be a new bike, as the shop doesn't actually rent out bikes normally.

The product should fit on any bike.

Thanks for the question.

For anyone who may be interested it's probably good to know where the shoot is. Will it be near your studio in Arlington Heights, or somewhere else?

Thanks for reaching out to the cycling community, it's cool that you asked people who ride bikes to model riding bikes.

Thank you, Jeremy. I wanted to have some authenticity in my photo shoot.

The shoot will be in Arlington Heights at my studio. I can add that to my post as well.

Hi, all.

Just wanted to share the results of that photo shoot that we did.

Thank to all that showed interest.



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