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The Brass Duet Incredibell is one of the best bicycle bell out there. It's got the beautiful resonating sound of solid brass and a striker that will not ring the bell no mater how many potholes you're riding over. Unfortunately the clamp will only fit handlebars with 21.7mm -24mm (.86" - .95") outside diameters. I present to you a way to modify your bell to fit any handle bar width. Here the hacked bell is mounted upside down (just my preference, I like ringing with my right thumb, don't worry, rain will not get in the bell). Link to my Instructable

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I love my bike bell!

My Step by Step Instructable "The Incredibell Brass Duet Hack Instrucabell" was just featured by one of the Instructable's editors!

woo - hoo!



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