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Does anyone know what changes the city is implementing on the Washington Ave. bike lane (between approximately Damen and Halsted)? Within the past couple of weeks they have ground out the bike lane markings on that street, and I'm wondering if they are getting rid of it or reconfiguring it or what.

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I ride that section a lot and agree that the lanes in places are not necessarily visible to drivers.

It also wouldn't hurt to occasionally sweep Warren/Washington clear of broken glass, especially west of Western.

They're redoing the bike lanes on Warren between Kedzie and Racine (maybe further west too? but I don't ride there to see it).  They're not so much widened as added buffers.  But I don't think the buffers will be effective since they made the parking lane so narrow that the wheels have to be almost touching the curb to not be touching the buffer.  And grinding out the original markings seems to have been a waste of time since the new markings are on top of where the old ones were.

I'd rather they repave and sweep the area, the lanes were fairly wide and just needed to be repainted.

The buffer is there as much for the driving lane as the parking lane. I'm in favor of anything that keeps drivers as far away from me as practically possible.

Now they're totally resurfacing between Laramie and Cicero, the rough grooved surface forced me on to the sidewalk this morning. The westbound bike lane is torn up a little bit east of there, too. I'm glad they're working to improve infrastructure, I just wish they'd hurry up.

Heads up to you Warren / Washington riders:

Warren is being resurfaced between Paulina and Ashland, and a good portion of the rough grooved surface is covered with oil.

Today was the first day in several years I've ridden without fenders (new tires) and I've got an oil-caked downtube, bottom bracket, shoes, and ass to show for it. Nasty stuff.


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