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I just won a Sugino 75 crankset on eBay. I am buying only the arms and spider. So now I need a 144 bcd chainring. (I'm looking for 46 T). How do I determine the quality of a chainring? I mean, a Sugino or Campy or Dura Ace chaingring for this crankset would be pretty expensive. How much might I appreciate a high end chainring? This is for a fixed gear street bike. I'm no track star. Any thoughts appreciated.

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Go sugino or get a messenger chainring. Do not half step when it comes to your cycle. You will regret it in the end if you do.

You dont have to be a track star to purchase a highend chainring. What you want is quality and durability, and depending on what your gear inches are going to be, you dont want to just throw any old
chainring on your bike.

Also what type of cog are you going to use in the rear?...The combination of cogs, chains and chainring, if they are cheap as hell, will make hell of noise.

be fair to your bike, bro....

You can get a nice sugino for about 50 or 60 bucks.



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