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Chainlink tell me what you know about biking in St. Louis!

Looks like there is a pretty good chance my partner and I will be re-locating to St. Louis-- 

we both have about 10 years under our belt of biking in Chicago and limited experience biking in other cities. Please tell me all you know about what it's like biking in St. Louis!

I've heard varying things about biking in smaller cities, I feel like there is a school of thought that says it's safer because people are less familiar with cyclists and therefore more cautious but then I've also heard it's more dangerous because they aren't looking out for you.

I think we'll have to get a car but we'd both like to primarily continue biking/bike commuting.

I know there was a similar thread on here from a few years back but I'm thinking maybe things have changed a bit since then as they have in Chicago.


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Thanks everyone for your feedback and support! Looks like we are definitely moving so I will be sure to report back on how it goes :)

The Katy trail is a good ride. Bike Stop Cafe is right off the trail in St Charles. St. Charles feels like a whole different world compared to the rest of St. Louis. 

Wife and I are taking an Amtrak there the first week of April. Still debating if we're taking the Bromptons. 

Every city has its good parts & bad parts. Bad for St Louis is Ferguson...I knew a guy that had to work there, lived in another part. He quit his job because of the commute there. Perhaps things have changed over the past three years.

St. Louis Bike Share opened last year. 

And I found an article with 10 bicycle rental locations. 

OMG. St. Louis is such a fabulous city for biking in. My girlfriend spent two years working there so I spent a lot of weekends there with her. The biking is fabulous because there is no traffic! At least on weekends. ;)

Everyone told her, "You will need a car." She did not get a car, and she was fine. But, her commute was walking. I think you can definitely get by fine without a car if you live and work along the MetroLink. If you live in a non-MetroLink neighborhood, like near Tower Grove Park or near Cherokee Street, that might be tougher. I would give it a shot; you can always buy a car if you find you need it. :)

Hope you'll post about your experiences!

EDIT: To clarify, there are big, highway-type streets in St. Louis that I would avoid biking on. But there are lots and lots of low-traffic streets that are GREAT for biking on. Just my two cents. Have fun! :)

I was there in May, 2017 for almost a week and I don't recall seeing a single cyclist, but I also didn't stray too far from the convention center/activities downtown. But I'm chiming in largely to just say the City Museum is an absolute treasure, and it strikes me as the kind of place that would somehow be connected to a bike scene...

Fair: downtown St. Louis is not like the Loop, for whatever reason. Kb will see more cycling in the neighborhoods, I expect.

Kb, there is a bike shop on Cherokee Street that I went into in 2017, and there were a bunch of people hanging out watching some sort of motocross(?) race on TV. It was cool.


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