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I am currently unable to drive due to recent medical concerns, and I'd like to start using my bike to gain some independence back. I would LOVE some suggestions on hauling. I currently take guitar lessons and have to tote both an amp and my guitar at least once a week. The combined total weight is probably somewhere in the 40 pound zone. I was thinking about getting a child trailer to hook up to my bike, but was wondering if I should investigate other options. I like the child trailer option because it would have enough room and still be somewhat weatherproof. Anything that would allow me to take my things and myself anywhere I'd like to go without having to rely on the kindness of others and my poor BF would be amazing!!! Figured the Chainlink would be the best place to get advice on all things bike related.


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I would like to spend $75 or less if possible. Teeny weenie teacher budget :/. It would need enough room for an electric guitar in a hard case, and a 35 watt amp.

h' 1.0 said:

What's your budget, and do you have any constraints re: storage space for the trailer?

(do you all others think a guitar would be able to lay flat in a kid trailer?)

Old Town definitely has some amps available. My particular class has 8 combined guitars and amps total. I bring mine to ensure that I have something to play with. Unfortunately, I currently only have one larger amp for gigging (new word.???). I do have to get a smaller one for easier hauling for sure.

Kevin said:

 I don't have any hauling suggestions to add to the above, but bringing a typical amp for practice every week may be overkill. I've taken some classes at Old Town School and use the amp below. Weighs 1.5 pounds, powered by a 9 volt battery, not much bigger than a couple paperbacks and enough sound to practice with. This one is a Fender at around $40, I'm sure you could other similar options.

Definitely something to think about!!!! It would be awesome to have something that has a weatherproof cover though.

Reba 4.0 mi said:

This is NOT my bike, but it's exactly what I did to my 90s Fuji mountain bike. It can easily cart a guitar and probably the amp too. Depending on where you live and how convenient it is for you, mine's sitting in my apartment or garage and not getting used enough. Message me and we can most likely work out a way to share it for the days when you need to cart your gear. You can also carry your bike on it (especially if your front wheel comes off, that's easy) so you can bring it back and ride yourself home :)

Or, invest in an xtracycle yourself. They're amazing! (I got mine, used from a fellow chainlinker.)

Thanks h. How is the handling on something like this?? I bet I could add some kind of cover too. Still a little pricey though. I've thought about building something from scratch also.

h' 1.0 said:

My favorite commercially available trailer by far:

Here's my cargo run yesterday:

The suggested size is 36" x 24".  I have built several at 48x24", but  the one pictured was built to transport a specific instrument case and is 30" x 24". Stroke of luck that the carton I had to pick up from fedEx fit perfectly within the eye hooks.

Also fortunate-- the roll of carpet went limp after a couple miles but never sagged all the way to the ground...


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