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I have been asked to round up some crafty bike folks to participate in a new section of this fall's 

Multiples. Art, Indie Craft, Handmade, Print & Visual Culture Fair

It is going to be a section dedicated to the Crafts of a Bicycle Lifestyle - called the Bike Alley. 

including Fashion, Jewelry, Accessories, Bicycles... If you are a maker/crafter - you can apply today

If you know of anyone looking to get their work in front of a great audience, share them on this thread and send them my way. 

We are also on the lookout for sponsors to support community organizations - such as Bike Winter - to help them bring their valuable outreach to broader audiences. If you have any organizations to nominate, or would be willing to sponsor a space for one of these organizations, let me know. 

Thank You


levi at legacy frameworks dot com

Images from this springs event at the Pulaski Park Field House

Crafter Caroline Borucki, installation view. Courtesy the artist and Art Multiples.

CHIRP radio DJ booth. Courtesy CHIRP and Art Multiples.

Screwball Press installation view. Courtesy the artist and Art Multiples.

Multiples. exhibitor presentations. Courtesy the artists and Art Multiples.

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