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Brompton Arctic Blue w/ Brooks Grips, Brooks B17, BWR Hub, Marathons & More

This is an absolutely gorgeous Brompton H6L, in Arctic Blue (color discontinued from Brompton’s production line, and very, very tough to find).

The Brompton has been used ultra minimally. Has never, ever seen adverse weather. Home kept and mainly utilized as a beautiful aesthetic piece.

The bike (in Chicago at JC Lind Bike Co.) costs $1,694.01. Chicago tax is 10%, which adds $169.40. A BWR (Brompton Wide Range Sturmey Archer Hub, with 302% gear range) was installed, the complete wheel costing $239.99. The Schwalbe Marathon tires with reflective strips cost $49.99 each. The Brompton rear tail light cost $29.99. The Brompton Eazy Wheel set cost $24.99. The Brompton firm suspension block has been discontinued by the manufacturer, but is very nice. The Brooks B17 leather saddle (Honey) cost $90.95. The Brooks Cambium grips cost $40 flat.

Totals out to $2,389.31.

I live in Ludington, Michigan. I’ll be shipping the Brommie via BikeFlights. Some other cool extras you get are the Brompton air pump (clips onto the bike), as well as a seat post capable to be used by people of the taller genetic makeup (I’m 6’0 and I fit perfectly).

1st Note: if I receive offers, I will take up to $75 off the cost. But, I will also keep the Brooks B17 Leather Saddle (Honey).

2nd note: The Brompton is used. It does show some signs of wear. Happy buying!

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