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also dont have reg pedals...this sucks....i noticed one of the bolts/skrews was comming i went to tighten it back in...turns out it was just broke..the fitting that it skrews in to snapped the sidi bullet 2's....any one else ever have this problem...on and the other skrew is stripped so i can move it to the other fittings. lame sauce.

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I am totally at a loss here too...


grayson said:
You broke the screw for the cleat?
It should be possible to put in a new bolt plate. you have to cut thru the sole from the inside of the shoe to open the "trapdoor". It's easier to do than to type out describing!
yeah...the part of the plate that has the fitting for the skrew broke off.
wtf? How do you always manage to break your shit?

joe said:
yeah...the part of the plate that has the fitting for the skrew broke off.
Bah. You don't need to worry, just let me know where you need to go and I'll tow you there!
Those shoes sound broke, Bullet 2 must have lots of miles too. Your options are... drill it out and epoxy a new screw in, drill it out and bolt the cleat on (you might need to drill a recess for the bolt head/nut), buy some new shoes, buy some used shoes, epoxy your cleats to your feet, get regular pedals.... If none of those sound good, I could sell you some genius or maybe dominator 4/5's which only need strap replacements (45-46 euro).
You need a torque wrench, my friend.

Prior to owning a torque wrench, I laid waste to every bolt I ever put a wrench to. I left a trail of stripped threads a mile long. It was embarrassing (and expensive).

I own different shoes and pedals than you do, but my cleats only require 2.5 Newton Meters (or 22 Inch Pounds) of torque to bolt to the shoe. That's not a lot. My guess is that your cleats require a similar torque.

Most bike gear has torque specs nowadays, which is nice because you never have to worry about over tightening or under tightening anything.

Also, a lot of component companies recommend using a grease on the threads to prevent corrosion, binding and such.

I've been using Phil Wood grease, but I'd ask a good bike mechanic what to use.
ehhh...i bought the shoes....lets think..or i i will...about a year ago this july...i wore them thru the winter as well...miles im not sure of...alot tho. i ride a min of 8 miles a day no matter what the weather is...just for work...and alot lot more then that for giggles. the peice that is stuck on the bolt is indeed rusted and stupid.... . im gonna call sidi fa sure and ask them y shit is rusting. the other fittings dont seem to look rusted. so its from the bolt.. and thats dumb and my fault prolly. what ever. thanks for all the advice.

and today i also got my BB im super happy. supppper.


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