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Looking to share a great Bike Winter retreat with city bikers on a Saturday this winter.  Niles has a couple Korean gems right off the North Branch Trail at Oakton and Waukegan.

The King Spa and adjacent H Mart make a nice destination.  Ride Milwaukee/Elston to the NB Trail at Devon, stop for lunch at the H Mart and then to the King Spa for soaking, sweating and relaxation.  The King Spa is a family friendly experience.

The Metra UP NW Line station at Edison Park is a couple miles away for a quick return to the city. 

Let me know if you have any questions.  Check the Bike Winter calendar and see what Saturday would work for you.  Time involved would be roughly 10 AM - 4 PM. 


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Cool! I grew up behind what is now H-Mart (used to be Lawrencewood Shopping Center-- the H-mart end of the center was a bank I remember getting my first  savings account book stamped at, and at one point S&H Green Stamps.)

Where would the ride be starting from?

Probably start along Milwaukee in Bucktown or Logan Square at 10 AM.  Jeff Park would be a good spot if people want to meet up along the way.

King Spa is great. I'd love to go, but it's gonna be in the mid 40s this weekend. I'd be game when it drops in the 20s or lower 30s. I feel like I'd get my $25's worth (+ their awesome food) when it's colder outside.


Love the Japanese/Korean Spa culture.


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